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  • Spanish Online Subscription

    $0.00 / month

    Your subscription gives you:

    • Access to more than 1800 entries of words, phrases, and sentences
    • Instant audio and pictures for every entry
    • Access to our library of fun, step-by-step speaking activities to print and play
    • The ability to scan all of our posters and stickers for instant interactive learning
  • Spanish Speaking Kit


    Hear Your Child Confident and Eager to Speak Spanish


    • Broaden your child’s horizons with the only game-based Spanish learning kit 
    • Faster and easier to go from single words to building simple sentences
    • Helps your child feel confident and eager to speak Spanish
    • Assembled in the USA
    • Includes online audio and pictures to more than 300 words, phrases and sentences
    • Native speaker pronunciation
    • Fraction of the cost of tutoring to reach a similar level
    • See and hear your child feel like a world citizen putting together simple sentences