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Don’t let your own language barriers hold your children back.

Your family’s language dreams don’t have to stay dreams.

Your children deserve the best learning resources.

Fun To Use. Easy To Learn. Visual and Game-Based.

Good for Kids and Beginners to Learn Vocabulary and Make Your Own Sentences For Different Situations:

  • Our physical kits have what you need to feel confident and eager to speak hundreds of words and phrases, and learn to make your own sentences.
  • Our online subscriptions grows your vocabulary with over 1800 words, phrases, and sentences you can use in real life.
  • Instant audio and pictures for new vocabulary.
  • Guided, step-by-step games to learn how to make sentences in a fun way.


1. Order the Mandarin Chinese and/or Spanish Kits for Language Stickers and Posters

2. Show Your Child How to Scan QR Codes on the Stickers and Posters to Start Learning

3. See Your Child Understand and Feel Confident and Eager About Speaking the Language!

Whether your child is already

learning a world language

or starting from zero,

our language kits help your child

learn new vocabulary and practice making sentences.


Have questions before you buy a kit?

We have worked with and consulted with language experts and educators with expertise all over the world, including experts with a Ph.D in linguistics from famed Columbia University’s Teacher College, leaders in the International Baccalaureate Education Network and bilingual education, and graders of The College Board AP language exams.

We adhere to ACTFL can-do statements and learning objectives for the novice-low, novice-mid, and novice-high standard.

Motivation is of the utmost importance for a person to learn a language. We help your child stay motivated through fun games, seeing themselves progress in understanding, feeling proud of themselves for gaining a language mental model, and feeling like what they’re learning is useful and relatable.

Improves cognitive abilities.

Higher academic achievement and test scores.

The earlier you learn a language, the easier it is to learn the language.

Improves problem solving and creativity.

Connect with other cultures and build cultural understanding and awareness.

Prevent age-related mental illness and memory loss.

Improved capacity for abstract thinking and working memory.

Broaden’s your child’s horizons both personally, academically, and professionally.

The longer you wait, the less opportunities your child has to build brain-boosting neural pathways.

Our kits teach sentence building skills through printable games, and teaches vocabulary through scannable posters and stickers with QR codes. We bring learning to their fingertips.

Our games teach how the language “works” by decoding the language, including:

  • How to create a simple sentence.
  • How to ask a simple yes or no question.
  • How to add adjectives to your sentence.
  • How to ask a more complicated question with question words, e.g. who, what, when, where, why, how, which.
  • How to respond in sentences that are a little more complex.

Our skill games build on each other, so play the games in order.

Our method is based on research and studies that show task-based language learning to be effective and naturally motivating for students. Instead of boring rote memorization and flashcards, kids get to learn to speak through games that are interesting and fun.

Even if your child is already learning in a language immersion program, if your child is at the novice / beginner level, our kit can help speed up your child’s comprehension and vocabulary. This is because most children do not have the benefit of a 100% immersion program: their classmates are not fluent in the language so your child ends up picking up incorrect grammar, poor pronunciation and bad language habits from their peers, their class is a split immersion program like 90/10, or 50/50, so again your child is acquiring the language slower than if they were in a true 100% immersion situation like living in that country and having no one understand your child’s native tongue. Or your child comes home and speaks with adults and siblings who are not fluent in that language and therefore miss out on valuable practice time at home.

Our kit is designed to solve all these language learning problems by making it easy to learn and understand another language while at home.

We think of language learning like learning a game: we give you game pieces (vocabulary), and teach you the rules of the game (grammar, how to use the game pieces). And just like with any game, as you become more familiar with the basic rules and basic game pieces, we’ll teach you more strategy and give you more game pieces to help you succeed in it even more.

The physical kits grant free online access to over 300 instant audio and visuals that can be accessed through the QR codes on the posters and stickers in the kit. The online subscriptions are monthly paid online access that give more than 1800 instant audio and visuals for words, phrases, and sentences. You do not need the paid online subscription to use the physical kit. Only get the online subscriptions if you want full access to our online library of over 1800 words, phrases, and sentences.

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